Wellness Wednesday’s

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So I was toying with ideas for a regular feature and decided midweek was the perfect time. Then there was the decision whether to go with Wellness Wednesday’s…or Wednesday Whinge! Seeing as I can whinge any day I’ve decided that Wednesday’s I will share with you something that I find helpful to my overall wellbeing…could be a food, an activity or just a way of thinking but let’s take some time for ourselves! Please share your ways to be well too!

Wellness no.1

Make an effort

How do you really feel after a day spent mooching around in your pjs, having not even run a brush through your hair and not caring anyway? I feel disappointed in myself, unmotivated and ugly.

I’ve realised over time that just putting in a bit of effort to make myself look good, helps me feel a bit more good too! (Bad grammar alert!) Putting some moisturiser on my face, doing my eyeliner, styling my hair and putting a belt around my waist instantly makes me feel more willing to be involved in the day instead of trying to ignore it.

Yes, I hear you, we shouldn’t have to wear make up to feel good. But this is less about looking good for others and more about boosting your own confidence, doing something for yourself and actually starting the day in some way, even if you still only get a couple of your daily tasks done.

I still have days when I try to ignore the fact that I’m a person and should participate in life…but if I make an effort…in some small way, I definitely feel like I can achieve more. We can’t hide away forever. This one small thing might bring your wellness levels up enough so that you make the most of each day. Life is short after all!

Whether you have a thing for pretty shoes, red lippy or big big hair, be the best you and you’ll feel it in inside too!


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