Wellness Wednesdays 2

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When I feel low, lonely, frustrated, sad or any of the other bad feelings that tend to invade my mind daily, one of the most important and easy tools that I find helpful is a pen and paper.

Whether its writing an imaginary letter to a doctor who’s pissed me off, making a list of fun tasks to complete or writing a poem, if talking to someone isn’t an option, then talking to my notebook really does help. Getting your feelings out, not thinking and just writing and writing until you cant write anymore you can empty your mind of the negativities even if just in the short term.

Sometimes I find that making lists can help me to refocus my mind in a positive way. The other day I wrote a list of things that I would like to have a go at. This isn’t the kind of list where I will punish myself if I don’t achieve everything I’ve written, but more of a starting point for when my thoughts are taking over and I need to be doing something else! Of course achievement also adds more positivity to your life too. This also helps me when I’m in a slump and finding it hard to start the day, wanting to just hide away. If I write little notes to myself and put them on the wall next to my bed, I’m more likely to make an effort. Some examples of my notes are:

‘I know you don’t want to, but you will feel better if you get up, have a shower and get dressed’.

‘I know you get anxious about work but you always feel much happier and like you’ve achieved something when you do it.’

‘Get the housework done today and then you can put your feet up and watch crap on the telly.’

Writing a letter to yourself in times of despair can also be of comfort. I have written angry misery filled short novels to myself before, letting out my frustrations and being brutally honest. Whilst this is a helpful exercise, for more wellness in your life, I’d recommend the opposite. Write yourself a love letter. It doesn’t have to be soppy or full of things that you don’t feel like you really mean. If you can’t bring yourself to find good things about you, then simply list all the positive things around you in your life. When you read it back you might just feel a warmth inside and hopefully see that these positive things would not be in your life if you weren’t an amazing person who deserved them. It’s easy to focus on the negatives in your life but they wouldn’t feel so bad if you didn’t have lots of positives to contrast them with.

A lot of the time, keeping your mind and body feeling well is about reinforcing any and all positives that you can find around you, keeping yourself motivated and a lot of the time keeping yourself distracted and not thinking too deeply. Keep that notebook nearby! It is the cheapest and best therapist you will ever have! Be honest, open and imagine that you are a motivational speaker for yourself.

Happy Scribbling!!


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