Wellness Wednesdays 3

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Gonna be a bit of a short one today as I’m not feeling too good and don’t want to just type out a big moany rant!

So…something I love, that possibly helps with my immune system, but also just makes me feel like I’m doing myself good and being civilised at the same time, is loose leaf tea.

Specifically Echinacea Leaf.  I will say first off that I don’t know if you can be allergic to echinacea or not but please check it all out before you try it.

As a teenager, whenever I felt the first signs of a cold I would start taking echinacea capsules as a remedy my Mum found from a friend, and although the results have varied, it does seem to help stop colds in their tracks.

Now that I’m older I like to feel all civilised with an infuser teapot and my loose leaf echinacea and always start having this tea daily during cold seasons and the week before important events or performances. There are lots of other herbal loose leaf teas that have other benefits and I also have a ‘Monthly Moontime’ blend of herbs that I take to help when I’m having particularly bad endo pain (but it is great for normal period pain too).

The teas I buy come from http://www.indigo-herbs.co.uk and along with the individual herbs you can buy blends based on any problems you might be having. Please always check all ingredients as I for example can’t have liquorice because of my thyroid disease so have to watch out for that.

I would highly recommend taking time to brew a feel good cup of quality organic tea and feel like your taking some time out to relax. You never know- you may actually feel better for it!


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