Wellness Wednesday 4

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This week I’ve been thinking about what in my life brings me the most ‘wellness’ and this weeks focus is going to be on something that raises my spirits, makes me more active and makes me smile…having a pet!

Ever since I was born I had a dog in my life and it was really good for me growing up. I also owned hamsters and mice and rats through the years and although the parents usually end up dealing with the mess, it definitely helps you learn more responsibility.

When me and my husband bought our own house and I didn’t have my 2 gorgeous boxer dogs from home greeting me and being there with me when I was indoors, I felt quite lonely. Our new house felt empty and I felt unmotivated.

After saving up we decided it was time to look for a doggy of our own and found our gorgeous little pug Bilbo. Since picking him up at 7 weeks old he has made me laugh, scream and cry but mostly he makes me feel even more loved. Pets have this way of making you feel special- they love you without condition and they require you to get up and go to take care of them.

Yes pets are hard work and do need attention and care, but if you have love to give and enough time at home, they can really help you feel like a better person. 

Yes I’m biased towards dogs, but whether you like cats, rabbits or even fish! Pets give you more meaning and purpose in life and plus they give great cuddles (not sure if fish do though!) 



2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday 4

  1. He is adorable! I have a chocolate lab and I love him dearly. He’s such a doofus. My favorite thing about dogs is they always seem to be happy that you’re there. I think people who are like that come around every once in a while too, and that feeling of being needed and wanted is so important!

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