How to face a crisis

Coping, health

After posting about my pooch in Wednesday Wellness yesterday, later in the day something really traumatic happened.

We were at the field walking about with a group of doggies as we do, my pug is very sociable and loves other dogs and people alike. Suddenly another dog attacked him. I’ve never been so traumatised. He had him by the neck, this was a large dog, and would not let go. My dog was screaming, his face was just horrifying and I thought that this was it,…I was going to lose him and I couldn’t do anything about it.

People were desperately trying to help but the owner couldn’t get him off. I just wanted to save my boy so I tried unclamping its jaws and ended up being clamped in too by the thumb. It hurt so much but all I could think was that I couldn’t see my boy being killed. Soon after (a whole minute must have gone by) he let go and I swiped puggy out and away. There was blood, he was shaking and he just wanted to hide. His usually curled tail was limp and held down. It was terrible.

The woman gave me her number and left. On the advice of some of the other dog owners I continued to walk him round with some of their dogs so that he didn’t feel too panicked, could relax and could see that the other dogs were still friendly. He perked up a bit, came out from behind me and curl his tail back up within 10mins.

We went to the vets where they found a puncture wound behind his ear and severe bruising all around his neck under his mane like fur.

The thing that I’ve learnt more than anything from this event is the resilience and bravery of animals. Today the pooch has been lively, trying to play and full of love. He’s tender to touch yes but I am inspired by his amazing ability to bounce back. Animals are generally much more quick to recover from stressful events than humans. I have felt awful today, having flashbacks to it and exhausted from the stress. My pooch has taught me to take a leaf out of his book and start each day a fresh. He must be in so much pain but he doesn’t complain. I want to be more like this! So I am going to start being more like a dog! (Sounds funny!) but we need to bounce back, not dwell and move on from negativity in life. Thank you and I am so glad you are ok Poochy x


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