Wellness Wednesdays

health, Wellness

Today I’m feeling really crummy! I have a throat infection and am suffering with my endometriosis pain as I am having my first bleed in 3 months.

But…dwelling on the bad stuff is not the route to wellness!

Although I feel rubbish and won’t be doing much of anything today, it’s important to spend a little time outside. Feeling fresh air and sunlight on your skin improves mood, increases your level of vitamin D which helps keep your body healthy in many ways and helps you get better sleep at night.

Just letting the dog in the garden and standing out there with him for 10 mins is a good start. If you’re ill or in a slump or even working from home, don’t live in a world of darkness! Take breaks just to have a short walk, run an errand that involves leaving the house, step outside, or simply just open the curtains!!

Don’t over do things and spend most of your day resting if need be, but just take that bit of time to add some light into your life and hopefully you’ll feel a little brighter too.

Short and sweet today! I hope the sun shines on you today 🙂


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