Belated Wellness!

Coping, motivation

I seem to be a day late with everything this week! As Wellness Wednesdays was a bust I have some wellness for you this evening in the form of a motivational poem. Written on the spot so certainly no masterpiece! Enjoy!

When I feel blue, which most of the time I do,

I try to give my mind, a dose of something new.

I’ve tried learning to yodel,

I’ve tried to write a book,

I’ve tried a change of scenery

To brighten my outlook.

There’s always something to be done

to stop a downward spiral.

To turn the sadness in your eyes

into a rising smile.

So when the bad thoughts come and your insides feel churned up

Try your hand at something new and you could change your luck.

A BIG hug to everyone who needs one- life can be tough but we should always keep on going. Interrupting bad thoughts with just doing something is the first step!


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