A Little moan

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So I’ve cried lots today! Went to London to have a transvaginal ultrasound which my consultant wanted me to have before my next laparoscopy. Naturally I was full of nerves due to my vestibulodynia and the idea of the instrument having to go in as my pain is really bad.

I managed it though! It really hurt, not only externally but internally (which I put down to my endometriosis). And in the end the scan was really pointless!! The sonographer said that endometriosis doesn’t really show up anyways and then the scan was difficult as my ovaries were apparently hiding and he couldn’t find them. Apparently I have a lot of gas in my bowels which obscured my ovaries!! Yay, I’m gassy!

Finally home after more discomfort on the train and it’s been emotionally and physically draining! But even though there wasn’t much point in it, I feel a personal achievement that I withstood my pain and that it’s done!

Phew, quite sore and tired but gonna have a takeaway as a treat and cuddle with hubby!

Good luck with all the hard tasks you face in life and try and find an achievement at the end of it!


One thought on “A Little moan

  1. I had my most recent trans vag ultrasound 2 weeks ago. And yes, they do hurt. My doc couldn’t find my ovaries for a while, either, which led to (what felt like) deeper and harder probing. He acknowledged the same: although he cannot see endometriosis implants or adhesions through the ultrasound, he was able to confirm that there were no new cysts or endometriomas present. Hang in there, woman. And congrats for enduring that painful process, and the long ride home.


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