Wellness Wednesdays Returns!!


I am sooooooooo sorry! Could I have been more rubbish lately?!

Actually…not doing my regular posts was for a good reason- I am busy doing! For the past few weeks, yes of course there have been bad days, painful days and sad moments, but more importantly I have been busy being proactive in my life!

My work is picking up, with online sales of my artwork coming in steadily- no its not a massive amount but its good and its constant and that makes me very happy! I’m spreading the word through social media and reaching out to companies and individuals. And I’m venturing into the world sometimes too…how very brash of me!

Even if you get rejection, putting yourself out there can do wonders for your self esteem. Being busy promoting my business and therefore promoting me and the fact that I am good at something has made me feel so much more confident. I used to shy away from opportunities that would be too challenging or that meant I had to go out of my way to do something- but now I’m going out of my way all the time- for me! And it’s good!

I urge you all to take a chance on something today- to embrace what you’re good at and open it up to the world. You may be rubbish at lots of things, you may feel rubbish lots of the time, but you aren’t rubbish! You are great!


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