Pre op prep…

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I’m nervous! Yes I’ve had 2 of these before. Yes I’ve been wanting this for ages. Yes I should feel better afterwards. But No it doesn’t get easier!

On Tuesday I will have a laparoscopy to remove endometriosis and cysts and to do a tube test. My last of these surgeries was back in 2011 at my local hospital who aren’t great. My surgeon then was a rude repugnant man who made me cry on several occasions, dismissed my initial idea that I may have endometriosis and even shhd me  and talked only to my husband! A woman hater whose job was to help women…strange huh?

This time I found a specialist endo clinic at londons St Thomas hospital and although it’s costly to travel there it is absolutely worth it. Thus far they have been amazing. At my pre op assessment I fainted during my bloods and they even rang a few days later to see how I was. Amazing! I can’t rate the staff and treatment highly enough but the surgery day is still an unknown. A different place, different procedures, different rules of visitors. I’m just a bit nervous! Plus the idea of being told how my fertility is looking is new and scary.

Nevertheless it is happening and it is good. The prep at home has begun. Sorting the dogs stuff out for his stay with my mum, getting in easy food for my husband to make, tidying and making things easier for myself when I come home and arranging travel. At times you feel like you’re going on holiday or something until you start to remember what all the prep is for. 

If you are due an op or just scared for results of tests, I am there with you! Even if you’ve been there before don’t let people tell you it’s easier this time because it’s always scary and you’re allowed to have feelings! Good luck to you and good luck to me too x


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