Wellness Wednesday’s

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Dont suffer in silence. Don’t be made to feel your pain isn’t real. Don’t be afraid to talk about things you think are awkward. Don’t feel like you’re the only one.

If you have no one you feel you can talk to, please talk to me or. Find someone.

I have a strange mix of feelings after my 3rd laparoscopy yesterday. My tubes look fine- great news! They found one small patch of endometriosis…strange. My 1st and 2nd laps found wide spread endo and I had bad pain with it. My pain had nearly reached that level again before this lap and I was eager to have it all removed and have improved pain levels for some time. Now I dont know what to think. I know it’s endo pain. I do have IBS as well but can clearly differentiate between the 2 types of pain. Was this small amount really causing nearly as much pain as the large amount was causing before? All I can do is hope that the answer is yes and that once recovered I’ll find that my pain is improved. But the doctors did make me feel like it was all in my head, and that’s never a nice feeling. And trust me as someone who’s struggled to get many of my diagnoses during my young life! 

The message I want to give is to trust your own body, know when something isn’t right and don’t let anyone belittle your pain or struggles. Yes there are always others ‘worse off’ but there too are many ‘better off’ and chronic pain is a real bitch!

I need people to talk to and if you do too please go ahead 🙂

(I’d also like to know if anyone else has had a non epileptic seizure after general anaesthetic? I never have before but did yesterday and it was bloody scary!)


8 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday’s

  1. You had a seizure after general anesthesia? Did any of the doctors explain why they think this might have happened? I’m assuming you don’t have a seizure disorder to begin with. Some causes of seizure can be low oxygen levels to your brain or a low sodium level as in an electrolyte imbalance — these are the two things that come to mind without Googling “seizure after anesthesia”.

    Well, for your next surgery … whenever that is … you’ll want to tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist about the seizure that happened with this surgery. I’d also recommend getting a copy of the anesthesia record so you have it with you to provide extra copies to those providing your care in the future — only if you’re having a surgery though.

    Here’s one link about seizures after surgery: http://hubpages.com/hub/Seizures-after-Anesthesia

    I hope you are doing fine and that experience (the seizure) is a one time thing only!


    1. They anaesthesiologist spoke to us afterwards and said she believed that the stress I was in before I went under burst out of me when I was coming round in the form of this ‘seizure’. I’ve had many tests for epilepsy and neurological disorders in the past as I get right sided weakness and collapse but they have never found anything. I was aware whilst having the seizure- my hand was slamming repeatedly against the bed rail and my leg was bending at the knee back and forth and head side to side- I couldn’t get words out properly or open my eyes properly. I was trying to say ‘why is this happening’ but could only say ‘why’ to which the nurse said- why what?? They didn’t seem very concerned! My whole body hurts today much more than just from the lap but from the uncontrollable movements and jerking at lasted a good 10mins. It was scary but from what the anaesthetist said it was something psychological and isn’t common but isn’t rare either! Thank you for contacting me x

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      1. I’m going to say it’s not psychological. I would recommend getting good sleep before any procedure, making sure you can be a “first case” so you don’t have to got without food and water for too long, ask for “calming medication” before the surgery for anxiety — it will consist of a benzodiazepine like Versed through your IV which can help prevent seizures, and find out WHAT anesthetic was used — some lower the seizure threshold … find out what meds you got for anesthesia.

        Some physicians can develop an ego-protection defense mechanism when they can’t explain something to a patient by sometimes blaming it on the patient or say it’s “psychological”. This doesn’t help anyone. I’m sorry you had to go through this experience! ❤


      2. You must be a doctor? Very knowledgable thank you. I will find out what anaesthetic they used. I dong know if I’ll be having any more surgeries or at least not for a few years but I will make sure to do all those things you said. Thanks so much!

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      3. No, I’m a nurse who works closely with anesthesiologists. AND I love my job and I love nursing!!!! I like to make sure patients get the best care and love to help with the ins and outs that sometime only a caring insider can know!!! 🙂


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