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Interesting quote that reminds me of both the good Drs who do exactly this and the bad who only look at tests and typical ‘normal ranges’ and don’t treat you as a person and individual case. 

“Death is not the enemy sir, Indifference is!

You treat a disease, you win, you lose.

You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”- Patch Adams


“The list”

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Perhaps like me you’re one of those unlucky people, who when you go to see a new healthcare professional or sometimes even a beautician, or you’re just filling out a form for something, where you’re not expecting it, you have to recite the dreaded list. 

‘Do you have any health conditions?’

“NOOO IM GONNA GET DRY MOUTH! Seriously is this not on the system!? Do you need to know?”

I find most people switch off about half way through my list. But the thing is, it’s not just a list, it’s my life! I deal with this crap every day, so you might be getting frustrated by having to write down or read through my list but imagine living with all of the things on the list!!

So perhaps lovely readers you might be so brave and lovely as to bear with me and read my list and then comment with yours and I will read yours. We can appreciate eachothers struggles but we can’t know how it feels. And this is one time when we are writing the list just for ourselves and we are accepting that our lives are hard but we are owning it and we are awesome and that list is part of us 🙂 much love…here goes!

  • Hashimotos disease
  • Migraine (including hemiplegic migraine)
  • Pernicious anemia 
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Endometriosis
  • Vulvodynia (& vestibulodynia)
  • Essential tremor
  • Fibromyalgia (recently diagnosed)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Hypermobility syndrome
  • Acid reflux disease
  • Eczema 
  • Piles 😳
  • Bruxism (Grindy teeth, locking jaw!)
  • Costochondritis

That’ll do!

I do feel good listing it and I actually don’t feel embarrassed, none of it is my fault and I feel I’ve been given a poo-y stick sometimes but I have a lot of great things too in my life and we are all allowed moments of self pity as long as they are brief and you get back up. Managing your life around how you feel daily is important and accepting that you mustn’t compare yourself to anyone else is key. If you want to join in please leave your list for me to read 🙂 

Wellness Wednesdays

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No no not the usual kind of diet! Today the route to wellness that I want to talk about is your own personal diet.

Theres no set formula to eating healthy- we are constantly being told one thing only to hear its the opposite! Everything these days seems to cause cancer or raise cholesterol, but as difficult as it seems to navigate the food industry and figure out what you should or shouldn’t be eating my advice is the usual- eat a balanced diet BUT figure out the things in your diet that you need more of, or could do without.

Specific health conditions need more of certain foods and sometimes less of others. Having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditus you come to find that they can treat the deficiency of thyroid hormone, but not the autoimmune disease itself. After lots of research I found many many people saying that a Gluten Free life is the first port of call for this disease. I’m someone who wants to do everything they can to improve my health as there are so many parts of it that I have no control over. So 3 years ago I decided- yep I’m dropping Gluten. It takes a lot of research and careful preparation to make such a huge change in the way you eat. You learn as you go and have to constantly check ingredients and food labels. You have to educate not only yourself but friends and family in how to safely prepare your food separately. It’s no mean feat but it was worth it. Ok so I haven’t lost weight and I do still feel ill, but I have helped stop my disease in its tracks. Since going Gluten free my level of thyroid antibodies hasn’t increased even a little bit! Before this it was constantly increasing. So although you can’t reverse the damage already done, you can quell it.

And theres science to this- I was surprised to read that the molecular structure of the protein in Gluten is very similar to the Thyroid Gland and everytime you eat Gluten the body creates more of these antibodies that think your thyroid gland is evil! Did Doctors tell me this? No. Did Doctors laugh me off? Yes. Did I work all this out on my lonesome? Yes. And you can too.

You might not have the same problem as me, and the changes in your diet may not need to be so extreme but you may find that adding in a handful of nuts a day, actively drinking more water or eliminating some dairy from your diet could be the key to making you feel more well.

I am not an expert and it is very important to do your research and add or eliminate things in your diet gradually and carefully. But it could be that simple. Maybe your fatigue, disease, dry skin or whatever other small or big issue could be simply improved too.

Be well, do your homework and enjoy food whilst feeling the benefits too!

Someone understands!!!

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My friend found this article and it really is very accurate! Some of the people in your life may not be the most understanding of your illness or limitations but there are people who do understand- the rest of us with illness and limitations!!! I for one want to say a big ” I’m proud of you” to everyone living life with chronic illness. It’s frustrating, it’s painful, it’s embarrassing- it sucks!! But it is part of you now and you are so great! You’re allowed to cry sometimes and have rest days- but you’re also allowed to be awesome and succeed and live not just cope. All my love x


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Firstly apologies for the lack of Wellness Wednesday this week- I was battling a Monster of a Migraine so was shut in the dark! Hope you are all well!

Today the word on my mind is Growth.

To grow can mean many things. I have grown my hair (and cut it) many times. I have grown up, learning and advancing as a person. I have grown apart from people as our lives have taken different paths. I have also grown bitter from illness.

I feel that my growth in life has been somewhat stunted by ill health. I’ve watched my best friends grow up into the sky above me, leaving me behind in the weeds unable to reach the sunlight. Whilst my friends moved away to University, my limitations meant that I could only attend a nearby part time course which left a lot to be desired.

Whilst I have forged a great life for myself in my hometown, with my gorgeous husband and lovely house, I cannot help but wonder how different life might have been if my body had grown up differently. What things have I ,and am I still, missing out on in the world of a twenty something…

Dancing. Shaking my thang in high heels for hours, and just feeling a little tired the next day.

The reality. After about 20mins in a club I’ll either faint or have to leave before I do.

Drinking. Sipping down girly cocktails, or doing shots with my mates all part of the typical girls night out.

The Reality. I can’t drink. My body is too weakened already and drinking leads to extreme dizziness even from the tiniest amount.

Travelling. Hopping on the train to visit friends or Backpacking across the world!

The Reality. I cannot travel alone on the train incase I have an episode and collapse let alone travel over the world!

I wont go on and on with a huge list, but my point is that invisible illnesses are damaging not just to your body, your self esteem and your outlook on life, but your friendships and freedoms too.

When you are fit and healthy the amount of things you have to think about in any one day are relatively small. You may have a taxing job, a stressful relationship or any number of other life issues, but deciding whether or not to clean the kitchen or walk the dog because you don’t have energy for both isn’t one of them!

People say that illness shouldn’t hold you back, and whilst I agree with this in terms of dreams and long term goals, you do have to hold yourself back and have limits in order to live a life that has as many achievements as possible. Knowing what you are well enough to achieve each day and limiting yourself accordingly is part and parcel of having a chronic disease.

Whilst I have had to adjust to this, it isn’t easy on the people around me. After all if you had tickets to a gig and could chose between taking your fun easygoing friend or taking your awkward friend who would need pit stops and somewhere to sit down regularly…who would you choose? I love my friends and I know they care deeply about me, but its no surprise to me when I see photos of them out with their other friends all the time instead of me. It hurts and I get super jealous, but they cant always be expected to have to work with my limitations just because I have to.

Even family can’t be expected to understand the little changes to daily life that you have to make. I always feel that I’m being judged as lazy or miserable when I get a call from my Mum asking how many clients I’ve seen this week and I haven’t managed very many. I can get over my own disappointment in myself but when you hear that disappointment in the voices of people you love and want to approve of you, it is really hard!

Its very difficult not to sound self pitying when writing about limitations. I do have moments when I have a cry and let myself grieve my lack of freedoms, but I also do feel proud of myself for having learnt my limitations and being able to say no when I feel I might be over doing things. We all create our own sense of what is normal. I will always try harder and grow myself further in as many aspects of life as possible. But unfortunately some obstacles are immoveable and you just have to learn to take a different course around them.

The most important thing as always is to listen to your body, set goals, and be realistic. You know yourself better than anyone else and if you need to rest just bloody well do it!! Sod the nay sayers, I know you’re not just being lazy!!!