Monday Mottos (Mental Health Awareness)

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‘And here you are living, despite it all’ – Rupi Kaur

Today is mental health awareness day but it is something that I and roughly 1 in 6 of us (though I believe it’s likely to be more unreported) are constantly aware of, as it consumes life just as much as any other illness or perhaps more so. And there are so many different types of mental illnesses just as there is with physical. I suffer with perhaps the most common;’depression’ and ‘anxiety’. However even these vary hugely from person to person and vary depending on how I am looking after my self and if I am keeping up with my coping strategies. Mental health is complex and important but currently undervalued as the NHS turns away patients deemed ‘not severe enough’ to help. Surely prevention before a suicide attempt is better than help after or no help because the attempt should succeed. I am in a good place at the moment after a recent course of therapy and have adopted good mental habits that I hope to continue but I am well aware that mental health is a condition prone to relapses. So be a friend to everyone you meet. Don’t judge someone from the outset- well try not to- you don’t know what’s going on inside. And if it’s you who’s struggling, just keep going, keep breathing and you’ll find a way to a better day. 


Belated Wellness!

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I seem to be a day late with everything this week! As Wellness Wednesdays was a bust I have some wellness for you this evening in the form of a motivational poem. Written on the spot so certainly no masterpiece! Enjoy!

When I feel blue, which most of the time I do,

I try to give my mind, a dose of something new.

I’ve tried learning to yodel,

I’ve tried to write a book,

I’ve tried a change of scenery

To brighten my outlook.

There’s always something to be done

to stop a downward spiral.

To turn the sadness in your eyes

into a rising smile.

So when the bad thoughts come and your insides feel churned up

Try your hand at something new and you could change your luck.

A BIG hug to everyone who needs one- life can be tough but we should always keep on going. Interrupting bad thoughts with just doing something is the first step!

Cuteness in spite of pain!

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I wanted to share with you a lovely shop on based in Ireland, that makes plush cuddly toys in all the regular cute shapes, but also in the shapes of some of our troublesome body parts! This link is to the uterus ‘plushie’ and it would just be such a moment of joy to receive this after an endo op or just as a gift from someone who knew you were suffering. Hey I might even buy one for myself! They also do a thyroid one which I would also love in my collection (which hasn’t started yet but I have a feeling it will!) Theres many other body parts and organs too and I just think its a unique and lovely idea! Please have a look and share 🙂


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‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’

In my case it feels more like ‘Shall I compare thee to an elderly woman?!’

I’ve been very lack lustre this week and I do apologise for the lack of my regular features. I attended a wedding over the easter bank holiday which involved travelling and long days…not the most compatible things with me! It got me thinking though about how we compare ourselves to others.

I began tiring and getting dizzy half way through the day, pretty good going for me, but when it hit…it hit hard! I doubt anyone around me knew that I was struggling but as much as I wanted to be able to get up and dance like everyone else I just couldn’t. The thing that really bugged me was all of the “Come on, you gonna dance?”, “Sitting down? What’s wrong with you!” comments. You see this was my husbands friends wedding and so no one there other than him knew about my ‘health issues’. I do get frustrated when people assume you are a ‘regular’ 20 something who should be doing what the majority of other people are doing and think its ok to berate you if you’re not! But perhaps if people were the other way round and overly considered everything they said other people incase that person was struggling with something, then you’d start to feel like you looked as bad as you felt!

Comparison is tricky. Sometimes its good to compare yourself to others to gain inspiration. But mostly I find myself using it in a negative way. At that wedding I silently struggled, feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t be like everyone else…But who’s to say how everyone else is anyway? At least one other person in that room would have been hiding something that they were struggling with. Maybe even the person next to me. When you compare yourself in order to justify self pity, it is never worthwhile or accurate. My comparison of myself to another person would be hugely different to someone else’s.

And I compare things constantly. Perhaps we all do…

Her outfit is much better than mine.

Their house is decorated so much better than mine.

I wish I could be at the gym all the time like her.

But are any of these things statement of fact? NO! It’s just negativity in a different form. It’s me feeling a sense of injustice and believing that I am not as good as others.

I will remind myself at this point of something that may sound negative but I think is always a helpful thing to think when comparing. Yes, there’s always someone better off/at that/looking than you, but there is also someone worse off/at that/looking than you.

At the end of the day, everyone is different. There is no ‘normal’. Ok so maybe most of the people around you are fairly healthy and you’re not. So what! Maybe one of those people is desperately heartbroken and hiding that pain. We are all hiding things, even the people who are the life and soul of the party. All you can do is be honest with yourself, accept yourself in all its glory and hardships, and stop comparing! Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and like they say, if we were all the same, life would be pretty dull!