Monday Mottos

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“Before you can change the world around you, you must learn to change the worlds within you.” –Merlin


Wellness Wednesdays Returns!!


I am sooooooooo sorry! Could I have been more rubbish lately?!

Actually…not doing my regular posts was for a good reason- I am busy doing! For the past few weeks, yes of course there have been bad days, painful days and sad moments, but more importantly I have been busy being proactive in my life!

My work is picking up, with online sales of my artwork coming in steadily- no its not a massive amount but its good and its constant and that makes me very happy! I’m spreading the word through social media and reaching out to companies and individuals. And I’m venturing into the world sometimes too…how very brash of me!

Even if you get rejection, putting yourself out there can do wonders for your self esteem. Being busy promoting my business and therefore promoting me and the fact that I am good at something has made me feel so much more confident. I used to shy away from opportunities that would be too challenging or that meant I had to go out of my way to do something- but now I’m going out of my way all the time- for me! And it’s good!

I urge you all to take a chance on something today- to embrace what you’re good at and open it up to the world. You may be rubbish at lots of things, you may feel rubbish lots of the time, but you aren’t rubbish! You are great!

Wellness Wednesday’s

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Okay yes I know I’ve been rubbish again and missed Wednesday but I did actually write it I just forgot to post it!

I wanted to talk about goals this week. I think it’s really important to set yourself goals but not to give yourself more stress in doing so. Setting small goals throughout your day is really important, and this doesn’t mean something as big as doing all the housework it can mean something as tiny as simply getting out of bed. Because that not tiny to many people.

The more small goals that you have on your list and tick off as you go along, the more achievement and pride you will feel in yourself throughout the day. When I set tasks that are too big for myself and I don’t complete them I always feel disappointed, however if I set lots of tiny tasks that really most people probably wouldn’t even consider tasks and I have lots and lots of them ticked off, I feel so much better about myself that I managed to achieve so much!

Of course we all have big ambitions too. For your larger goals I think that it’s really difficult to set a time limit. For example one of the most common goals that people set, losing weight. Let’s say I want to lose two stone and I set myself six months to do this. When I reach the end of the six months and I haven’t managed to lose all the weight if feels like an endpoint. It feels like I’ll have to start all over again. However if your task is an ongoing achievement then it doesn’t matter at what point you reach it. You should have check in points not an end date as then you never feel that you’re starting over it’s always a continual journey. This way you avoid too much disappointment but you still work hard to get to the point of achievement. I know some people might say that this defeats the point of setting goals, but for me I don’t think that reaching the target is the biggest or best part. What you learn and the smaller achievements along the way to reaching that large goal is so important, and when you have a time limit you often overlook these achievements with only the end in mind. I no longer say to myself I’m going to lose X amount of weight by this time. I say hey you’re my body and I accept you the way you are but I’d like to lose this amount of weight and I will get there however long it takes.

This is especially important if you have health problems that tend to get in the way or other things that create obstacles. You should never feel like a bout of illness is the end of reaching your task and you will need to start all over again. All the work that you put in before the hurdle comes in your way is still relevant and counted towards reaching your goal and you never should have to not over.

I’m not saying the system of setting goals to complete by a certain time isn’t right for some people, but if you’re the kind of person that beats yourself up when you haven’t achieved what you wanted to, then I think it’s better to consider that you’re constantly evolving, constantly working towards goals and not to feel like you’ve ever disappointed yourself. You should always feel proud of yourself for any small achievement whether that be simply getting out of bed or whether it’s that big thing like losing weight or writing that book.

Always be positive. Always be learning and improving and achieving. But please don’t push yourself too hard as you are great right now and to achieve more greatness takes time 🙂

Belated Wellness!

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I seem to be a day late with everything this week! As Wellness Wednesdays was a bust I have some wellness for you this evening in the form of a motivational poem. Written on the spot so certainly no masterpiece! Enjoy!

When I feel blue, which most of the time I do,

I try to give my mind, a dose of something new.

I’ve tried learning to yodel,

I’ve tried to write a book,

I’ve tried a change of scenery

To brighten my outlook.

There’s always something to be done

to stop a downward spiral.

To turn the sadness in your eyes

into a rising smile.

So when the bad thoughts come and your insides feel churned up

Try your hand at something new and you could change your luck.

A BIG hug to everyone who needs one- life can be tough but we should always keep on going. Interrupting bad thoughts with just doing something is the first step!

Wellness Wednesday 4

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This week I’ve been thinking about what in my life brings me the most ‘wellness’ and this weeks focus is going to be on something that raises my spirits, makes me more active and makes me smile…having a pet!

Ever since I was born I had a dog in my life and it was really good for me growing up. I also owned hamsters and mice and rats through the years and although the parents usually end up dealing with the mess, it definitely helps you learn more responsibility.

When me and my husband bought our own house and I didn’t have my 2 gorgeous boxer dogs from home greeting me and being there with me when I was indoors, I felt quite lonely. Our new house felt empty and I felt unmotivated.

After saving up we decided it was time to look for a doggy of our own and found our gorgeous little pug Bilbo. Since picking him up at 7 weeks old he has made me laugh, scream and cry but mostly he makes me feel even more loved. Pets have this way of making you feel special- they love you without condition and they require you to get up and go to take care of them.

Yes pets are hard work and do need attention and care, but if you have love to give and enough time at home, they can really help you feel like a better person. 

Yes I’m biased towards dogs, but whether you like cats, rabbits or even fish! Pets give you more meaning and purpose in life and plus they give great cuddles (not sure if fish do though!)